The casing incorporates the electric motor that is made of a material that is able to protect and sustain the electric motor, and of course, be of a sturdy material. The materials that are used for this are many, but they are based on the application and also the exposure to the electric motor is subjected.

In the electric motor used in the home or equipment that will be coupled with sufficient protection, the electric motor housing will not go just a prop for the plates of the stator.

In applications where the electric motor will be exposed to atmospheres which are considered explosive or aggressive, mechanical protection of the electric motor will not be enough and that's why, that seals and different paint will be used so that it becomes more resistant housing to aggression that will appear. mro supply bearings

The housing of the electric motor used in industries is made of white cast iron, as it is easy to be machined, cheap and should be white and as it is on a fixed part of the electric motor, the weight is of minor importance.

Car with electric motors faces problems with the durability of their batteries

The fact is that a car that has an electric motor has several advantages that are more efficient electric motor, zero emissions, silent driving, operating costs, regenerative braking and easy driving, but like everything in life, the same car with engine electric also has some disadvantages.

Electric car batteries are still a big disadvantage, because even if it has been several technological advances for the batteries to count on a higher autonomy, they are still very heavy and the useful life of these batteries are around 160,000 to 200,000 km.

The replacement of these batteries can be considered a major disadvantage in view of the high cost of the new set to be placed in the car after having been run these 200,000 km. At low temperatures, the batteries tend to loose efficiency.

Single-phase electric motor is one of the types available to meet the needs of various applications, it is considered the most basic and why it is recommended for simple process that does not require the intensive use and the machine. For these cases indicates the use of the three-phase electric motor.

There is a big difference between single-phase and three-phase motor, it is interesting to know what the difference is to understand what the engine more suitable for what you need. Both will perform the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy, except that each has a different internal structure in order to meet the varied needs of applications.

The three-phase motor ac motors runs in three-phase network, as its name says and why it is more powerful and suitable for heavier applications. Unlike what happens in the single-phase motor that works with only one set of coils, so it is much more basic and simple. Both are effective and economical.

DC electric motor is subdivided into four different groups

The electric motor of direct current was subsclassificado due to the identification of the electric motors are DC, but are directly linked to how the windings are fixed and mobile and interconnected inside.

The example of the fact that the electric motor is connected in series and the result will be the same current going through them, as this will give a characteristic differently if it is fed each of these types of windings independently.

Thus, the electric motor baldor EM2332T is sub divided into a classification I collate the DC electric motor in four different groups receiving the following nomenclatures are: 1. direct current electric motor with separate excitation; 2- direct current electric motor with series winding; 3- direct current electric motor with parallel winding and also 4- electric motor with DC winding compounds.

The practicality of the electric motor has been contributing to all the success and growth of the use of it. Today is increasing the number of different segments that use that engine to function, this because it is simple and efficient. The economy offered by the engine is also a positive point and contributes to use.

With so many models and options of electric motors, it is up to the customer to be doing an analysis of what is the most suitable for what it needs. The three-phase and single-phase model is the most widely used, they are responsible for numerous cases of which we are involved daily.

It ends up being much more practical to use a simple engine and practice like that. No wonder it is increasing the number of processes and products that use that engine to work. It converts electrical energy to mechanical energy in a fast and effective way.

The maintenance of the electric motor consists of a periodic inspection that evaluates the levels of insulation, the temperature rise, wear that are considered excessive, proper lubrication of the bearings and also conducts any tests in the electric fan motor, as this will serve to the electric motor receives the correct airflow.

The frequency with which the electric motor must be subjected to maintenance will depend on the type of electric motor and the environmental conditions where the electric motor is applied.

The electric motor should always be free of dust, debris and oils. So that the electric motor is clean it is important to use brushes or cloths that are of cotton and they are clean.

If the dust that is in the electric motor L3507 is not abrasive, the electric motor should be cleaned with compressed air blasting, because it will blow all the dust from the fan cover and so eliminate all the dust that was accumulated on the fan blades and the cooling fins.